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Bible Study

I follow this YouTube vlogger who does makeup and spiritual Christian videos. In the video that I was watching she talks about having a relationship with GOD over religion. Religion is following rules and regulations without love. A relationship is built on trust and love. She gave an example of how we wake up to […]

Young Wives

You can be right but wrong at the top of your voice I hate it when I am “winning” an argument already then hubby goes “why are you yelling now?” I feel “oh dead gum it! Now I have to set aside the argument to apologize for yelling?” Does that sound familiar? Maybe it’s just […]


A Daughter was sharing once about one of the most honest things she had heard her dad say and that very honest thing was ‘I have never been a parent before, I am learning to parent and I am trying my best’ It was a statement she could never forget and shared when asked, it […]

Trying to Conceive

The pressure in the world on women trying to conceive is enormous, the stigmatization is unbelievable and the illegal routes some women take or have taken to fit in and try to make this happen is sometimes unfathomable. That’s why we are here to give full support to women in their waiting period. You are […]

Wives To Be

Your Husband Will Arrive Sooner Than You Think It won’t be while you’re WATCHING and WONDERING. It won’t be while you’re COUNTING the days that you’ve been SINGLE and SEARCHING-which you shouldn’t even be DOING. It isn’t while you MEDITATE on whether you should have stayed with your ex or gone out on a date […]