5 Skills you MUST develop “WHILE WAITING”

1) Conflict Resolution

While waiting, you need to learn about your temperament, how to manage anger, how to walk away, how to negotiate, how to apologize etc. This is crucial because there will always be conflict.


2) Communication

While waiting, you must learn to communicate effectively or else you will gradually lose the bond of intimacy because your feelings, opinions, and thoughts will be left unsaid.


3) Money Management

While waiting, you must learn budgeting and planning. You must learn how to map out a journey towards financial independence so that your family can stay financially secure throughout the lifespan of your marriage.


4) Respect

While waiting, you must learn to respect your spouse but also to teach him how to respect you and your boundaries. Great marriages thrive on mutual respect.


5) Friendship

While waiting, you must learn to be a friend and a confidant to your spouse. Learn not to breach trust, not to gossip and slander, and to be a safe space for your spouse to come home to.

What other skills do you think women must learn WHILE WAITING?

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