5 Ways to Discover Yourself as a Single Lady

1) The story of your Life emcompasses your past, present, and future. Learn from your past. Know your weaknesses. Decide not to repeat your mistakes. Be aware of each moment and make utmost use of it. Set better goals and stay optimistic.

2) Know your Temperament Type

Study yourself and know what temperament type you best align with: Sanguine, Melancholy, Phlegmatic, or Choleric? Or are you a hybrid of two temperament types? You should also learn about what love languages you speak

3) Find your Worth

Many people lose their sense of worth when they lose their relationship (aka. get heartbroken) because they didn’t define their value while they were single. Take time to define yourself and regulate your self-esteem based on God’s word not people’s opinion.

    4) Be Deeply in Touch with what makes you “ALIVE”

    Some call it Purpose. Some call it Meaning. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t matter. Do things and Be with those who make you “alive”. This element will come in handy in knowing what kind of partner to choose.

    5) Tune in to the Frequency of the Spirit of God 

    No one knows you like God. He wants to speak to you and hear from you all the time. The conduit for this constant communication is His Spirit. When you talk to God, He will show you the original version of You and He’ll reveal the blueprint of your life. 


    Whether you are Single or Married we are available to serve you. 


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