A Community of Perfectly Flawed Young Wives (YWs) and Young Wives To-Be (YWTBs) Sharing Struggles and Victories to Become Better
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All these started sometimes in August 2016 when I (Tomi) figured “oh wow, I am learning ALOT from listening and reading books about marriage and how to be a better spouse”. I wasn’t just learning a lot, I was also applying what I was learning. Sometimes I tell myself “that is easier said than done” but then I remember DIVORCE IS WAY HARDER so I will rather do all I can do now to be a better wife...

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Become better... Read up struggles and victories shared by our community of perfectly flawed Young Wives (YW) & Young Wives To Be (YWTB)


Become an empowered young wife or young wife-to-be.

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It’s totally all right to be imperfect here. This space is not for “the perfect” Find any of our resources that can help you be better Click Here

We are Prayerful

We pray with each other and for each other every chance we get. We know that there is so much Power in prayer. We also believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that we are saved by GRACE through faith. Click here to send in your prayer requests.


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