About Us


To have a community of perfectly flawed Young Wives and Young Wives To-Be (Singles) sharing struggles and victories to become better


  • Resource page for Young Wives and Young Wives-To-Be to become better
  • Provide access to professional and informal counseling for Young Wives and Young Wives-To-Be.
  • Safe forum to ask questions and receive realistic/practical advice while pointing Young Wives and Young Wives-To-Be to WISDOM (God is WISDOM)
  • Own a 200-bed Safe Place for abused and bruised Young Wives and Young Wives To-Be to live for 2 months while receiving help with job placements and counseling sessions. (That is a BIG DREAM right? I know!)
  • Have a Devotional and/or Journal for Young Wives and Young Wives-To-Be

How @oneyoungwife started...

All these started sometimes in August 2016 when I (Tomi) figured “oh wow, I am learning ALOT from listening and reading books about marriage and how to be a better spouse”. I wasn’t just learning a lot, I was also applying what I was learning. Sometimes I tell myself “that is easier said than done” but then I remember DIVORCE IS WAY HARDER so I will rather do all I can do now to be a better wife.

In the beginning, I was a terrible wife. No joke! I was just as ignorant as ignorant can be. I thought I knew it all. I thought I had it altogether. I didn’t. I am just glad God has a way of letting marriage break and remold one. He broke my pride and my ego.

Here I am, learning everyday and living in the joy and peace of God. Sharing my thoughts with you has also helped a lot. It keeps me accountable.

I am so grateful for you. You are off to a good start. Don’t give up! Just know that marriage has its ups and downs and your goal is to make the good days last long while thinning out the bad days.

I hope you are learning a lot as you journey with God and I through marriage? Learn as much as you can. You don’t know when you will need it.

Thanks for all the comments and the encouraging testimonies, it humbles me each time.

Imagine 1 MILLION Young wives and Young Wives To Be around the globe, knowing and learning what you are learning here? You know how many marriages will be saved? Help us grow. We are desperate to reach the “four winds and seven seas” (I read that in Acts 13:47)

Please keep tagging and keep re-posting. God has a plan. I am anxious to get there but trust me, I CAN wait. The community has increased over the past few years that God had to send me HELP to keep up.

To my God Sent Helpers, you know who you are. Thank you! I am so blessed to have you all.