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This started sometime back in August 2016 when I (Tomi) figured “oh wow, I am learning ALOT from listening and reading books about marriage and how to be a better spouse”. I wasn’t just learning a lot, I was also applying what I was learning. Sometimes I tell myself “that is easier said than done” but then I remember DIVORCE IS WAY HARDER so I will rather do all I can do now to be a better wife.

In the beginning, I was a terrible wife. No joke! I was just as ignorant as ignorant can be. I thought I knew it all. I thought I had it altogether. I didn’t. I am just glad God has a way of letting marriage break and remold one. He broke my pride and my ego.

Here I am, learning everyday and living in the joy and peace of God. Sharing my thoughts with you has also helped a lot. It keeps me accountable.

I am so grateful for you. You are off to a good start. Don’t give up! Just know that marriage has its ups and downs and your goal is to make the good days last long while thinning out the bad days.

I hope you are learning a lot as you journey with God and I through marriage? Learn as much as you can. You don’t know when you will need it.

Thanks for all the comments and the encouraging testimonies, it humbles me each time.

Imagine 1 MILLION Young wives and Young Wives To Be around the globe, knowing and learning what you are learning here? You know how many marriages will be saved? Help us grow. We are desperate to reach the “four winds and seven seas” (I read that in Acts 13:47)

God has a plan. I am anxious to get there but trust me, I CAN wait. The community has increased over the past four years. God sent me HELP to keep up.

To my God Sent Helpers, you know who you are. Thank you! I am so blessed to have you all.


To have a community of perfectly flawed Young Wives and Young Wives To-Be (Singles) sharing struggles and victories to become better.


• Resource page for Young Wives and Young Wives-To-Be to become better
• Provide access to professional and informal counseling for Young Wives and Young Wives-To-Be.
• Safe forum to ask questions and receive realistic/practical advice while pointing Young Wives and Young Wives-To-Be to WISDOM (God is WISDOM)
• Own a 200-bed Safe Place for abused and bruised Young Wives and Young Wives To-Be to live for 2 months while receiving help with job placements and counseling sessions. (That is a BIG DREAM right? I know!)
• Have a Devotional and/or Journal for Young Wives and Young Wives-To-Be How @oneyoungwife started...


In other to sustain all these platforms, we would be moving from all the smaller groups and platforms to a more centralized platform. This platform will have LIVE Videos, subscription based services, book club, and small groups where they can have easy access to resources to help them be a better wife and a better person.

We would achieve these by using;

  • Technology
  • Effective Team Members
  • Networking and Ultimately,

One Young Wife was created to provide a safe place for Wives to have a safe, open and honest conversation about their struggles and victories in Marriage.

We plan on executing this by providing small groups where wives with similar struggles can talk together and discuss what they are struggling with and how they get through with it.

In these small groups, we will also provide subject matter experts who can professionally help members sieve through whatever the situation is and get to the victory point.

In every wife's life, there are different phases. What you are dealing with today will not be what you are dealing with tomorrow, so it is totally fine if you are moving groups depending on the stage of life you are in.

We would also achieve our WHY by providing certified counseling services as well as resources, summaries of books that have been written by subject matter experts. These books will be summarized and practical and applicable tips will be presented for life application.

You can join the Inner Cohort of One Young Wife by signing up here.

If you do, you will also receive an eBook for free. It contains transformational text messages you can send to your spouse. Trust me, it is a life changer.

Thanks for letting me serve you.

Tomi A

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This organization has given me a broader perspective to life. For everyone who has one time or the other shared their story and gave their testimonies, I want to say a big thank you to you all for allowing God use you to bless lives and homes. To Team One ...
Bukola Oluyelu
This organization has been a blessing. Just seeing that other women face the issues you are facing and are real and open enough to speak about it is simply amazing. I have even gained a prayer partner here! I pray out lives and marriages flourish. God bless you all.
Ann Ochonogor
This Group has really made me a better wife and mum and above all how to handle family issues.
Joy Dan Moses
I must say that this organization has contributed positively to my marriage and lifestyle. I just don't know where to start from but God knows I am really grateful for being a part of this amazing organization. Thank you Tomi for bringing us all together to be a family. I ...
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I am speechless sisters. I give credits to One Young Wife only for making me who I am. By reading the materials shared here, I have come to know how I can handle stuff in my married life, with my in-laws, my baby and a lot more. Thank you ladies ...
Renu Divyang Rana
This group has been my pillar of survival. Thank you for the opportunity to all my amazing Sister in this group.
Oluwatosin Shakira
Thank you for all your advice, encouragement, jokes and good company. I don't have friends but the great women here at one Young Wife group have kept loneliness far from me. They have motivated me to be a better person, wife and mother. You have been my community. Thank you ...
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I urge all wives and wives to be to be part of this forum...way too good #proverbs31woman.
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It's Wonderful i assure u Young wives. Join This forum n learn or Add One or two Things.
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