as your intimacy consultant

I can get you into deeper levels of Intimacy with God and with your spouse in your initial years of marriage.

What  is a reflective session?

In a Reflective Session, I will show you my 10-PILLAR system within which you can situate your current struggle.

Then like an intimate guide, I will walk with you to reflect and navigate through those struggles you are dealing with. I will then give you tools that you can use to forge your way from your struggles into victory.

how to consult with tomi a.

Signify what pillar your struggle is located E.g. Sex or Finances. Please note that you can only pick one pillar per session
Over a 30-day period, based on your need, you get to speak with Tomi A. with either of the three packages below


1 long session: 90 minutes @ $120

4 sessions: 120 minutes (30 minutes per session) @ $240

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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