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    Founder, One Young Wife

    Who am I?

    I am, Tomi, the Servant leader behind One Young Wife. I am "momma" to two sons and spouse to a brilliant husband.

    By profession, I am a Registered Nurse. I have a strong passion for Mental, Public and Community health. I have a deeper connection for One Young Wife as a community.

    I truly believe in the power of a strong community. I enjoy a good road trip/travel, acting on stage/watching stage plays, singing, listening to Audio Books, a good long walk and having open vulnerable conversation with my best friends.

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    What will you learn from the Free eBook?

    This is one way to show how you are intentionally trying to be a more ROMANTIC INTENTIONAL WIFE.

    I have personally written and prayed over each text. I pray it works for you. I pray it stirs up conversations and improves your communication.

    I pray it helps you to build a home where you are Forgiven, Accepted, Loved, Understood, Challenged and Encouraged.

    You are ONLY qualified for the challenge in this book if you promise to send this to your spouse regardless of what you are feeling.

    Sending it EVERYDAY can be a little too much. Use your discretion. Just do not over do it. Remember ,you have to promise to SEND IT whether you like it or not.

    There is something intriguing about a wife who can cry when she wants to. Laugh when she wants and still be herself. Don’t worry, that woman is not made in ONE DAY, TWO YEARS OR 10 YEARS. That woman is MADE EVERY DAY.

    I am not there yet and I am fine with that.
    I will keep giving it my best shot. Would you?

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