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Do you need SPICE in the initial years of marriage? Are you struggling with intimacy with God? Would you like to be emotionally confident and learn to speak up, stand up, and leave the consequences to God?  How about learning all it takes to have an amazing sex life as a young wife in your initial years of marriage? JOIN OUR INNER COHORT

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Join One Young Wife’s INNER COHORT, our Paid Membership programme that gives you access to resources that help you navigate the initial stages of your marriage.


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  • Free Access to Monthly Events
  • Lessons for better Intimacy with God
  • Emotional & Sexual Guidance in your initial years of Marriage
  • Unlimited access to the One Young WIfe Store


You don’t have to be overwhelmed in your initial years of life. In our INNER COHORT, you’ll be receiving insightful and valuable resources to help you find strength,
peace and confidence in your initial stages of marriage.


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