I am Adaeze, married and based in Abuja, Nigeria

I have learnt a lot from the stories shared by other OYOWI. Some I have applied to my marriage and it worked for me. Their stories experiences have help me during depressing times in my marriage and life. I still keep learning.

For wives not yet plugged into One Young Wife,  you should be a part. It is a place of succor, no judgement zone. It will help you stay sane during marriage crises/challenges

My message for the One Young Wife team and Founder is keep doing what you do. It impacts others even if you don’t see it or hear it often


Joy Uchechi Donas

I am Joy, married and based in Florida, United States

I started following one young wife on instagram in 2017 while trusting God for a husband.

I’ve made a friend turned sister, through one young wife. Fun fact, We’ve not met in person but we pray together and share our struggles and wins. One young wife also helped to build my faith and I’m happy and hopeful in my waiting season.

The series where a lot of wives shared their journey and testimonies through their TTC journey gave me courage and strength and I also used it to encourage my sister as we are both waiting on the lord for our own testimony.

To wives who have not plugged into one young wife, first of all what are you waiting for, One Young Wife is a place to be. You will grow in faith, meet amazing women, grow in your marriage, business and knowledge in so many areas of your life.

To the one young wife team, you have an amazing platform and you are doing a fantastic job. I pray for more strength and wisdom. God bless you all.


Beatrice Ibol

I am Beatrice Ibol, married and from Nigeria

One Young Wife thought me the importance of sisterhood. Our general prayer days enriched and revived my spiritual life. Oyowi helped me make an important life decision concerning my marriage and I am happy it turned out well.

Do not waste even a second more…join One Young Wife ASAP!!!

To the Team and Founder, thank you for doing the Lord’s work. Being a support to women who have no one or anywhere to turn to. We are blessed to have you. God bless you



odegua james

I am Odegua James, married and from Warri, Nigeria

When I just got married ( as a virgin) I was very shy, didn’t know much about sex . I joined One Young Wife spicy group and that was how everyone encouraged and taught on things to do, to make lovemaking fun, made me bold as well…

After awhile I wanted to take in which I had not done by some period after marriage, I later joined the TTC group as at then and we prayed together and encouraged one another and by God’s grace I have my baby today..

The Business day in a week has also been of great help because I put my business details on the Tuesday that’s for business advertisement.. some people reached out to me and I rendered my services and got paid as well. One young wife has been of great impact to me.

I would advise anyone yet to join because it’s a family where no one judges you and you can improve in your relationship with God and spouse too.

To the Team and Founder, God Almighty will bless her for this groups she has set. She has created other family members for us, and it has been worth it… We are indeed very grateful..



osato uwagboe

I am Osato, single and from Benin, Nigeria

4 Years ago, my relationship ended and I was tired, broke and depressed. I poured my heart out in the group. The ladies were so wonderful. They reached out in the group and privately.

One lady in particular surprised me. She said she would send a specific amount to me every month until I got a job and she did it for 7 months. When I got a job, I informed her but she insisted until I begged her to stop. That’s the INCIDENT that taught me that God has a way for making provisions for you from the places you least expect it.

A lady shared her experience about how she gave her all in a relationship but the guy left her and months later, he came back for a second chance. She realized how much she had grown since the breakup and she realized that it was God’s way of showing her that a better person was coming and it helped me to understand that some breakups are actually for our benefit.
I love One Young Wife because of the love and respect we have for each other. We may not chat everyday but when someone needs help or advice, we find a way to help out
Come join us. You’ll laugh, cry and learn about things that’ll make you a better woman.

To the Team and Founder, thank you for birthing this vision and allowing God use you



Our desire is for women to have relationships and marriages that make them spiritually rooted and emotionally alive. We achieve this by focusing on building strong foundations in the initial years of marriage..
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