If you will work on your marriage everyday and not just during bad times, there will be less bad times.
If sex, affection and communication is a big deal to your spouse, then it should be a big deal to you.
Remove divorce from your vocabulary, a health marriage doesn’t have an exit strategy.
NEVER assume that just because you are married, you don’t have to make an attempt to attract your mate anymore.
Marriage does not kill romance, laziness does. Don’t be so comfortable in your marriage that you start living as roommates, instead work hard to remain soulmates.
Learn how to romance your spouse the way they like.
Your children are learning about marriage from watching your marriage. Train them well.
How to know if you are married to the right person, simple answer….look at the name on the marriage certificate.
Once you’ve chosen your choice, get busy longing your choice.

(Three things to know when going through a hard time)

  1. Hard times will either make you bitter or better, you get to decide which one.
  2. You will be stronger because you went through this.
    3 You can’t fail if you don’t quit, so trust God and keep going.

Keep doing what you did at the beginning of the relationship and there won’t be an end

7 Marriage Killers

  1. Letting the friendship die
  2. Letting the romance die
  3. Hurting eachnither on purpose
  4. Letting issues grow by not talking about them
  5. Taking your spouse for granted
  6. Not making time for tour marriage
  7. When you stop making your spouse needs a priority


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