I follow this YouTube vlogger who does makeup and spiritual Christian videos.
In the video that I was watching she talks about having a relationship with GOD over religion. Religion is following rules and regulations without love. A relationship is built on trust and love. She gave an example of how we wake up to read a devotional short prayer, then go on about our day there’s no relationship there with God. It’s just a 1-way street where u tell God what you want for the day but never receiving what HE wants u to do. It’s like if someone called you and they’re just giving you demands and then they hang up.

This weekend I got the revelation that God doesn’t teach me who he is when he gives me what I ask he shows me who He is when I’m in the waiting period. You can’t want God only when you need something seriously that you’re fasting, praying, having midnight prayers, then when he gives it to you, you go back to having a lukewarm relationship with him of 2 minutes prayer in the morning.

The only way we know God is when he is with us when we are waiting/in a storm.That his grace is sufficient for us even when there’s chaos. I love the verse in Job when Job had gone through hell and back and he finally had a sit down with God and he tells God(last chapter of Job) I’ve heard rumors about you, but now I know you for myself.

Just like Hagai wouldn’t have known who God is to her hadn’t she been a desert with her son who was about to die from hunger then God showed up and she gave God the name Elroi (God who sees), or Jacob calling the place ‘Peniel,” where he wrestled with God(Face of God).

To end this, I ask, who is God to you without describing what he’s given you?

I pray that our focus remains on having a relationship with God.


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