The pressure in the world on women trying to conceive is enormous, the stigmatization is unbelievable and the illegal routes some women take or have taken to fit in and try to make this happen is sometimes unfathomable. That’s why we are here to give full support to women in their waiting period.

You are not less because you are waiting and trying to conceive, the decision you take and the stance you maintain during that waiting season is what really exudes what you truly believe and who you really are.
We acknowledge that not every woman knows how to wait well or wait purposefully and that’s why we have created this safe haven to help women wait well, wait purposeful and grow in Joy while in the period of waiting because you are as important to God as the Child you are asking him to give you, so the way you treat yourself during the waiting season is important and we want to help get to your Children Destination as a woman who has grown through the season with real substance and not just as a woman who has complained through the waiting season.
Your Support Haven is here!


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