Your Husband Will Arrive Sooner Than You Think
It won’t be while you’re WATCHING and WONDERING. It won’t be while you’re COUNTING the days that you’ve been SINGLE and SEARCHING-which you shouldn’t even be DOING. It isn’t while you MEDITATE on whether you should have stayed with your ex or gone out on a date with that man you can’t even TOLERATE as a FRIEND.

It won’t be while you’re COMPLAINING. It won’t be while you’re CONTEMPLATING what it means to wake up next to a man finally because you’re lonely-it WILL be while you’re SINGLE and CONTENT. Not the “SUFFERING and SMILING” kind of contentment but the kind of CONTENTMENT that only COMES while SERVING and SACRIFICING as you are led by the LORD. (1 Corinthians 7:34).

That kind of contentment can only be found IN the LORD and is only given BY the LORD. It will be while you become DEAF to other people’s comments about your age or the years you’ve been single or the random comments about your fertility or your beauty because you have learned to find that peace that surpasses ALL understanding (Phil 4:7)-you have CONNECTED WITH IT-the peace that is QUIET and GENTLE and leading you into the presence of the KING OF KINGS. (1 Peter 3:3-4).

That is when he will arrive-you won’t be looking-you will be ANTICIPATING but not SPECULATING. You will still have moments when you feel lonely but then the Holy Spirit comforts you in a way where you will have a WORD to CONFRONT the enemy (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)-but take note of this young wife to be: HE IS COMING-SOONER THAN YOU THINK.

Make Yourself A Priority
Young wives and young wives to be: Value the time you give to your WELL BEING. TREAT yourself as a QUEEN. Allow yourself some TREATS and make EXERCISE part of your ROUTINE. .

Whether you are single or married you need to understand how to be SELFLESS by being SELFISH. You won’t be able to contribute to your family POSITIVELY if you cannot do so JOYFULLY neither would you be able to THINK CLEARLY if your thoughts are CLOUDED CONSTANTLY. You won’t be able to SEE where you can be a NEED or identify where you are WANTED as a SISTER, WIFE, MOTHER or FRIEND if you fail to UNDERSTAND how to OPERATE in any of these ROLES FULLY.

Learn to KNOW WHEN you NEED REST-this will help you BE at your PERSONAL BEST. Place your care as a PRIORITY so you won’t HURT those you LOVE MISTAKENLY. .

This will show you HOW to place your family first and you’ll LEARN not to SNAP at your husband so EASILY, or COMPLAIN to your FRIENDS SO WILLINGLY or TAKE your ANGER out on your KIDS. .

It means you’ll VALUE your TIME and by default people will have to RESPECT that-for singles this means you won’t have THE ENERGY for a man that is DISRESPECTING YOUR VALUE. You’ll KNOW when to show HIM THE DOOR.


You’ll LISTEN to HIS SPIRIT more-you’ll also RELEASE THE PROMISES OF GOD over your life, family and more because you’ll stop PROCASTINATING.

PRESSURE is an ENEMY-so start TODAY by being productive with how you VALUE your TIME you’ll find IT’LL SPEAK into EVERY AREA of your life.


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